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Professionally and as a community volunteer, Sally Brenden is known as a passionate and fearless champion of the disenfranchised. Her heart has found its calling in creating sanctuaries of honor for at-risk youth, mothers of children with disabilities, and the dying. Sally is also the playwright and lyricist of the musical, “Fishing Widows: The Reel Story.”


Her pleasures are simple: crème brulee coffee, bike rides on a summer day, rainbows in the Rocky Mountains, and Panera mornings by the fire with Jesus.  Sauk Rapids Minnesota is home to Sally, her family and her spiffy hat collection.


A graduate of Bemidji State University, Graphic Designer, Stefanie Brenden, specializes in electronic, print and 3D. She thrives in creative environments that include Diet Pepsi, vinyl records and appreciation of her splendiferous footwear.


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