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A Haven for Your Heart…

I learned early on in life on the farm that important conversations are best conducted over coffee. I picture you across the table eating one of my delectable scones with lemon sauce. You have your choice of china cups; I have quite the collection.

Life is hard. Sometimes you hear your name being called and before you can get out of the line of fire, a ball smacks you squarely in the kisser. All too often it is a medicine ball. What do you do with the pain? And is it possible to not only accept, but embrace the pain?  

 Perhaps we can help.

…With a Side of Whimsy

Need a smirk?  A chortle? An outburst? Perhaps a full belly laugh? You may be startled to know that laughter, humor,
wit – these were God’s ideas! It’s time to take back “humor” and raise it to the level God intended. Decent. Outrageous. A lifeline for your heart, mind and body.


Stories for Your Heart

Light your digital fireplace, pull up that cozy chair, kick off your shoes. It’s time to bring your heart along on your journey. 

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