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A Primer for Families

This is the story of a family who loved their mama very much.
While we could not prevent her leaving us, we provided a most honoring and glorious send off.

Join me, a novice to death, as I direct Mom’s three-week drama. Insightful and well established hospice and palliative care explanations are added by my sister, a palliative care nurse and hospice educator, who coached us from across the country.

Walk with our family through the gut wrenching natural death process dictated by Mom’s health care directive and learn how to apply this to your upcoming situations with love, unity, faith, and yes, humor. Project yourself into our true story and “try on” how your family could survive and thrive in a similar and inevitable crisis.

You will gain creative ideas as well as be challenged to step out of the box and confidently weave your family experience into a uniquely honoring death for your loved one.

You will also learn how to save a ton of money.
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