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Not all that many decades ago, I left my professional job and became a stay-at-home Mommy for six years during what I call “Lambing Season”. I went from excellence in managing people and millions of dollars to the baffling world of wee ones, one of whom would be diagnosed with autism. 


I was a loving Mommy but I was an absolute “flop” at everything else related to “homemaking”. I chose to embrace my deficiencies and in so doing, discovered a strange but noble calling – that of making other women feel normal, nay superior. 


Lambing Season is over for me, but perhaps yours is just beginning or you find yourself in the thick of the fray.  Any mother who acts as though she and her kids are perfect is lying through her teeth. And any woman who throws away her one crazy wonderful life on keeping her house spotless, should have her head examined.




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