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When I was a little girl, I overheard a conversation among my elders regarding the death of a neighbor lady. They were of one mind about how she would be remembered: she was a wonderful housekeeper. Even at that tender age I thought, “What a sad thing to be known for when you die.” Well, no one will ever say that about me! And I am absolutely fine with it. When I die, I want Sally Stories. First and foremost, I want to leave a legacy of stories of when I served others from my heart; stories of when I loved with extravagance; and stories of sacrifice and ministry. But I also want to leave a legacy of funny stories, goofy stories, and outrageous stories. Stories that give proof that I was alive, not just breathing. Reading Slightly Askew is a lot like laughing when you see someone fall on the ice. It really is funny when you’re not the one making a fool of yourself. I serve as a warning to others. It appears that I have been blessed with overactive stupid genes since I have been doing witless things pretty much since birth. Some experiences are so embarrassing, so mortifying, so foolhardy, so utterly harebrained, you really do have an obligation to humanity to share them. So go ahead. Read. Behold. Laugh and mock. (Like you’re perfect?!!)
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